As If... 6/11/19

by Martin Rowson


Vote vote vote! Vote vote vote! Vote to let the nation note The candidate on whom you dote! Quote - “The People’s Choice!” - unquote - Has offered you free creosote So that The People get to coat A fence to keep out every scrote Who tries to get across the moat In a small deflating boat (Through clumpy stuff that won’t not float As every corpse proceeds to bloat) To grab each of us by the throat! Vote vote vote! Vote vote vote! Vote vote for the antidote! The policies their lords promote! The stirring slogans, learnt by rote! Their total failure to emote! Each worthless promissary note From speeches that they never wrote! Ignore what their sneers might denote, The gravy in their gravy boat, Actions based on anecdote, Lusts that shame a billy goat, How orphans form their table d’hote - Just vote vote vote vote vote vote vote That those you hate might then get smote By the crank who floats your boat! For it’s your voice so vote vote vote! And it’s your choice now vote vote vote! So earn your salt and vote vote vote! It’s all your fault the way you vote. The creeps we reap our votes connote, So hide your head in your capote, Regret will gnaw you like a stoat, Observing turds who got your vote. Hands up! Who’s going to cut their throat? Alternatively, tease the mote Out of thine eye and grab your coat. Otherwise they’ll just scapegoat Us chumps whichever way we vote. So vote vote vote vote vote vote vote.

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