Press Watch 17/11/19

There is some very interesting news today outside of the Prince Andrew farago of nonsense and the election coverage.

Our eye was drawn to the story about plans to create a new Centrist Party in the Observer.

The claim that ‘Dozens planned new centrist party, says ex-Tory minister’. Savage reports that dozens of figures from inside and outside Westminster were involved in the project, designed to go public once a second Brexit referendum was no longer possible.

Former Tory minister Nick Boles said he had been “constantly” in talks about a possible new party and had at one point been confident it would happen. An earlier failed attempt to launch a new party, Brexit delays and the tantalising prospect of a second referendum had stopped it. “It’s almost all I’ve been doing,” Boles said. “I can’t mention names, but it involved some very seriously good people, both MPs and not MPs, but people of great ability, experience and commitment.”

Boles said that the failure of the party of 11 MPs launched in February, initially under the banner of The Independent Group (TIG), damaged public appetite for a new party. Initial success evaporated after the group changed its name and struggled with a lack of organisational strength. “It was a jumping of the gun on a process that had begun but hadn’t matured,” he said. “Because TIG happened too soon and screwed it up, that gave those who were more nervous about the idea an excuse not to [split].”

Boles went on “It’s not impossible that Theresa May’s Brexit deal could have got through Parliament, maybe at the second time of asking. Then I think, a potential second attempt at creating something new might easily had happened, and might even have been more likely than not.”

The Observer goes on to report that the new idea might be to build a new centrist grassroots political movement that gathers force and takes parliament by storm - erupting into the next election cycle.

At Scarlet Standard we see the emergence of a potential new ‘centrist’ party as an unsurprising development. The British Establishment desperately needs an alternative to an extremely extremist Brexit-oriented Tory Party.

A significant part of the Establishment relies on the European Union for its wealth and income, as well as its cultural ties.

Of course, the Ruling Elite is split between those who are attracted to the EU and those who wasn't to be part of the dollar zone or a separate Sterling zone. Normally their party would be the Conservatives, but the divisions within ruling-class interests new run very deep, and it looks impossible for the Tories to mediate between their different commercial interests.

Under such circumstances, the Elite would normally have a second political party which they could turn to. Just as historically in the United States the Republicans and Democrats were both Establishment parties.

But in Britain, the big capitalists could never lean towards a working-class party with socialist principles which the Labour Party which is now where the Labour Party now finds itself.

From this point of view, it is easy to see that the Establishment is likely to want a new ‘centrist’ party.

This brings us to our final thoughts. Today’s Telegraph headlines claim that every Tory candidate has signed a pledge to the effect that they will vote for the Boris Johnson deal on Brexit.

We would expect - and indeed demand - the same level of loyalty to be on display from every single Labour MP elected under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and with a radical manifesto.

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