Press Watch 18/11/19

The Mirror headline says it all. ‘Foodbank hell’.

According to new statistics, foodbank demand has rocketed by 3,772% under a decade of Tory rule.

Britain’s biggest foodbank network had 57 outlets open in the final year of the Labour government in 2009/10. They provided 40,898 aid packages – the equivalent of 368,082 meals. Of those parcels, 13,959 went to children.

But, by the end of March this year the network had 425 foodbanks – a 646% increase. Their volunteers gave away 1,583,668 packages – 14,253,012 meals – in 2018/19. Some 577,618 parcels went to children.

Corbyn has pointed out that the Conservative's policies have pushed people into destitution. “It is a national scandal that so many families can’t afford food”, he said.

The number of children living in poverty-hit working homes has risen by 800,000 since 2010. Child poverty in working families rose to 2.9 million cases last year – an increase of 38%.

According to the TUC, one in four children are affected, It blamed in-work benefits cuts, with more than 485,000 children pushed below the breadline. Weak wage growth and insecure work were also factors.

Scarlet Standard says that these figures are an absolute scandal. Behind every single statistic, there are family members’ lives blighted by poverty.

We will never end our criticism of Lib Dem indifference to the role they played in enabling this situation to arise. But it was the modern Conservative Party which actively pursued policies which created the scandal of poverty in one of the richest countries in the world.

It is unreformed capitalism which is at the heart of this crisis. Today the CBI meet. Barely a word will be said by those business representatives who pay their employees such low wages and salaries that they live in poverty, despite often working extended hours.

It was once said that even the worst day of a Labour Government is better than the best day of a Tory government. Undoubtedly this is true. But we can do better than that.

It is time to move on decisively from a world of exploitation and child hunger. We hope that Labour’s manifesto, due out on Thursday, lays out a path to socialism which will once and for all end this appalling situation.

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