Press Watch 6/10/2019

Today’s Media is full of speculation about Brexit. In the absence of real news, some of the stories are, shall we say, “imaginative”.

One which caught our eye in the Sunday Times Has senior aides in No 10 claiming that the PM will defy the Queen to sack him. Others are speculating that his intention to refuse to leave No 10 in the event that Parliament rules that he has lost the consent of MPs.

Of course, much of this may be the product of vivid minds in newspapers or among staff in Downing Street. But what is striking about all this is the extent to which the press are normalising such thoughts which in ordinary times would certainly cause outrage.

It need hardly be said that if only a fraction of these stories, the editorial columns and front pages would be in meltdown. The letters pages of the Mail and Telegraph would no doubt be full of apoplectic Colonels from the Home Counties fulminating about the country ‘going to the dogs’.

The Sunday Times has a more substantial story about apparent efforts by Boris Johnson to help Jennifer Acruri gain access to money and advancement.

There is something which links this latter story to the idea that Johnson may choose to Defy the Queen of the law of the land. This is the sense of entitlement which the British establishment possesses. As a product of Eton, the Prime Minister shares this attitude.

His swaggering mannerisms and disdainful approach to other people stinks of a class which believes that the British state is only safe when it's in their in their hands, and that the rules which apply to the rest of us do not apply to them.

However, we no longer live in the 18th Century and the old ways of deference to our supposed superiors no longer applies.

One other theme which always appears in the Sunday papers is the attempt to damage the Labour Party by belittling its leader. This mornings crop includes a claim that Corbyn doesn't want to be Party leader. Haven’t they seen Jeremy's stamina travelling around the country in recent times, and the enormous rallies he is addressing?

Finally, there is the usual crop of attempts to tie the Brexit story to the so-called problems with Corbyn's leadership. Some papers are once again suggesting that Margaret Becket should become interim PM. Others propose John Bercow for the job.

The British Establishment in the form of Boris Johnson continues to display its vulgar born to rule assumptions whilst continue to form its function of seeking to isolate Jeremy Corbyn.

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