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“There is only one hope for mankind - and that is democratic socialism. There is only one party in Great Britain which can do it - and that is the Labour Party.”

- Nye Bevan

“All Roads lead to Socialism” is written Labour’s scarlet standard in Walter Crane’s great homage to May Day 1907.

We agree with those words.

Whether it is in the world of work where so many people's conditions and life chances are deteriorating. Or in the crisis of the climate where our Mother Earth is herself in peril. Or in the rising tide of poverty and homeless. Or the growth of right-wing intolerance, and the threats to international peace.

As the stranglehold of a particularly unjust form of capitalism tightens its grip on the lives of millions, there can be no doubt that all roads point to the resolution of these lies with democratic socialism.

Scarlet Standard believes that the Labour movement allied together with other groups in the wider society has the responsibility for developing a route through.

There are over 32 million working people in Britain. Labour must work to address their interests as against those of the British Establishment.

Obviously, those 32m people vary hugely in their life chances. We celebrate the diversity of our nation. Labour cannot and must not prioritise one section above others. We stand for an end to the multiple oppressions of gender, disability, sexuality, and class. We want to end the capitalist system of exploitation of workers in the processes of wealth creation.

We are an internationalist party too and will have no part in Little England attitudes.

Equally, we recognise the peril which is facing the planet and believe that only a socialist transformation can allow humanity to correct the damage which has been inflicted. Our principles of solidarity, peace, tolerance and equity lead us to reject neoliberal capitalism and we desire the Labour Party to secure the consent of the British to begin the process of transitioning to a socialist society.

In order to arrive at this point, our party and the wider Labour movement needs to be rooted in every community and to rebuild ourselves into a more horizontal structure. The old command and control traditions were never the socialist way in the first place, and they are certainly inappropriate in today’s networked communities.

There is no greater cause than ours. For the cause of Democratic Socialism is the only real hope for humanity and, perhaps more importantly, for our planet.

All roads lead to socialism. But will the British choose them? We can’t be sure. Whether they do, is down to us.

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